is the best coin mixer to preserve your anonymity is a bitcoin mixer that break the payment into many small ones and mix them with payments from other users. As a result, the full amount comes to the recipient’s address, but from different purses and often broken into parts. This way, your anonymity and privacy online are being preserved. – what you need to know

How long does it take to mix bitcoins? The coinsure sent to the pool, waiting for the confirmation of the miner, then they are sent to different wallets, – the speed of the work depends on the amount of the transfer and the type of crypto currency.

The mixer doesn’t store data for long to improve privacy. Usually, the information is stored for no more than 72 hours.

The address generated in the mixer is only valid for transferring coins within the service within 24 hours from the moment of creation. Usually, accepting other coins for the same address is no longer possible.

bitcoin mixer

BestMixer, of course, doesn’t conduct KYC procedures and doesn’t require any documents.

The minimal size of transaction for it is 0.005 BTC. If you send the smaller amount, the service considers this as a donation and does not return the coins.

During the transaction you’re getting the following:

  • A letter of guarantee
  • Awalletaddress
  • A code

You can use these to prove that the money is yours and communicate with technical support. Otherwise, without an account, you cannot prove the ownership of funds at all.

The guarantee letter needs to be downloaded or saved before sending money because it will then need to be uploaded to a special window for the return of the sent money.